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Web and Social Media Resources

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Podcasts have become a convenient and entertaining way to learn more about important topics. Check out some of these suggested podcasts. While not an exhaustive list, you will likely find at least one that resonates with you. Enjoy! 

1. Yoga is Vegan 

2. Rich Roll Podcast 

3. Food for Thought with Colleen Patrick Goudreau 

4. Nutrition Facts with Dr. Michael Gregor 

5. Main St. Vegan, Victoria Moran  

6. No Meat Athlete 

7. Plant Proof 

8. Nutrition Rounds , with Dr. Danielle Belardo 

9. Our Henhouse 

10. The Chickpeeps 

11. Ordinary Vegan

12. The Disclosure Podcast, by Earthling Ed

13. Brown Vegan

14. The Minimalist Vegan


There are some fabulous, passionate people creating inspiring content on YouTube. Please check out:  

1. Earthling Ed  (he has a great series on rebuttals to arguments against veganism) 

2. Joey Carbstrong 

3. Nutrition Facts, by Dr. Michael Gregor ( is a WEALTH of info to debunk all the misinformation out there) 

4. Eco-Vegan Gal 

5. James Aspey (took a vow of silence for a year for the animals!) 

6. Sweet Potato Soul 

7. Cheap, Lazy Vegan 

8. Happy Healthy Vegan 

9. Bite Size Vegan 

10. The Surprisingly Black History of Veganism

11. How to go Vegan

12. One Great Vegan: Music-infused, colorful vegan cooking









Getting Started with Free Starter-Kits

  1. Physician's Committee for Responsible Medicine Starter Kit

  2. PETA's Vegan Starter Kit

  3. Million Dollar Vegan Starter Kit

  4. Vegan Starter Kit

  5. International Vegan Association Starter Kit

  6. Nutritiously Starter Kit

Inspiring Vegan Speeches  

1. Animals Should Be Off The Menu - Phillip Wollen

2. The New 101 Reason To Go Vegan - James Wildman

3. The Most Important Speech You Will Ever Hear - Gary Yourofsky

4. The Secret Reason We Eat Meat - Melanie Joy

5. How Not To Die - Dr Michael Greger

6. This Speech Is Your WAKE UP CALL! - James Aspey

7. This Speech Will Change How You See Everything - Bite Size Vegan (Emily Moran Barwick)

8. Oscar Speech 2020 - Joaquin Phoenix

9. You Will Never Look At Your Life In The Same Way Again - Earthling Ed

10. Why I Decided To Go Vegan - Merle O'Neal


Other Online Resources

1. PCRM (Physician’s Committee for Responsible Medicine)-evidence base, studies, advocacy, free continuing      education credits for medical professionals 

2. Purple Carrot (meal delivery: a convenient way to cook up tasty, healthy plant-based meals) 

3. Happy Cow (app/website to find vegan restaurants when traveling) 

4. One Green Planet (robust news site with resources about the environment and vegan living)

5. The Black Vegan Company

6. Veganism of Color

7. Nutrition Facts: evidence based info about all your health concerns from an MD ( 

8. International Vegan Association

9. All Creatures: Animal Issues Directory

10. Vegan Sidekick (and this is a kick of a site!)

11. Vegan Certified

12. GTFO, It's Vegan!

13. Thrive Magazine

14. Finding Vegan Yum!

15.  Cruelty Free Products

16. Cruelty Free Bunny

17. Free e-Book: Non-Vegan Excuses & How to Respond to Them

18.  Senator Cory Booker's move toward farm reform

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