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Documentaries to Watch

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There are many powerful, educational documentaries on the consequences of eating and exploiting animals. These films have been instrumental in kickstarting the vegan revolution.


If you are still consuming meat and dairy, we challenge you to educate yourself by committing to watching at least 5 or 6 of the films on this list. 

Animals have had  their entire lives stolen for the benefit of humans, please commit a few hours of your time to learn the full story so that you can make an informed decision at your next meal. 


If there's truly nothing wrong with the industry, you won't mind watching and learning how it all works. However, you will also learn how much healthier you and the planet will be if you move to a vegan diet. 

  1. Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret  

  2.  What the Health: The Health Film That Health Organizations Don't Want You to See  

  3. Forks Over Knives 

  4.  The Gamechangers 

  5.  Plant Pure Nation 

  6.  Earthlings 

  7. Lucent-expose on pig farming. We dare you to eat bacon after seeing this entire film. 

  8.  Dominion-With hidden cameras and drones, “Dominion” exposes the animal cruelty in the food system for all to see

  9.  Eating You Alive 

  10. Land of Hope and Glory- Even 'humane certified' farms are a horror show. Please watch. 

  11.  Vegucated 

  12. Blackfish: If you like Seaworld or whales, please watch  

  13. Speciesism 

  14. Running for Good 

  15. Meet Your Meat -Free on YouTube and only 12 minutes long. Please watch. 

  16. Live and Let Live 

  17. The Ghosts in our Machine 

  18. Eating Animals-What's on your plate? Natalie Portman narrates this eye-opening look at the food industry.

  19. Racing Extinction 

  20. Deadly Dairy 

  21. The Invisible Vegan explores the problem of unhealthy dietary patterns in the African-American community, foregrounding the health and wellness possibilities enabled by vegan diets and lifestyle choices. 

  22.  Vegan Everyday Stories 

  23. Called to Rescue-A beautiful glimpse into animal sanctuaries and the people who work there

  24. The Animal People 

  25. H.O.P.E What You Eat Matters- with Jane Goodall 

  26. The Future of Meat is History: The End of Meat the hugely beneficial possibilities of a post-meat world and what that might look like for humans, animals, and the planet

  27. Maximum Tolerated Dose-Animal testing

  28. Stray-about Istanbul street dogs

  29. The Ivory Game

  30. Empathy

  31. Okja 

  32. The Shame of Pt. Reyes-Watch this (free on YouTube!) if you enjoy the National Seashore. 

  33. Endgame 2050-Free on YouTube, by a physician. Please watch before it's too late. 

  34. Akashinga: The Brave Ones-All female anti-poaching unit in Zimbabwe. 

  35. Food Inc. 

  36. Carnage 

  37. The Cove

  38. Test Subjects- short film (15 mins) on animal testing and researchers who had a change of heart

  39. Meathooked and The End of Water

  40. Meat the Victims-short documentary, 10 minutes. live footage from the Netherlands

  41. The Whale and the Raven, a story of humans and non-humans, separated by conflicting plans

  42. A Prayer for Compassion 

  43. The Dark Hobby-the problems associated with the aquarium fish industry

  44. Animals and the Buddha-Free on YouTube. 

  45. The Last Pig-after years of raising pigs, a NY farmer can no longer bear the ultimate act of betrayal

  46. Liberty-The day after winning Best Actor at the Academy Awards, Joaquin Phoenix has a rare opportunity to save a mother cow and her calf from a slaughterhouse and relocate them to a sanctuary.

  47. EXPOSED - USDA's Secret War on Wildlife: In this award-winning film that Jane Goodall wants millions to see, three former federal agents and a Congressman blow the whistle on Wildlife Services--a barbaric, wasteful and misnamed agency within the USDA most Americans have never heard of--and expose the government's secret war on wildlife on the taxpayer's dime. Free on YouTube. 

  48. 73 Cows, only 15-minutes and free on Vimeo. The story of Jay Wilde, a beef farmer who battles with his conscience every time he takes his cows to slaughter. Feeling trapped within an industry he no longer believes in,  Jay knows he must make a change and do what no other farmer from the UK has ever done before.

  49. Moving Animals-13 minute YouTube video about animal transport and slaughter, by a photojournalist.

  50. Spoor- A Polish crime thriller about animal rights and patriarchy, based on a novel.

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