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Why Veganism?

Ethical Vegans Abstain From:


Meat, eggs, and dairy

Leather, wool, and silk

Circuses, zoos, and animal riding

Tourist attractions that use animals 

Cosmetics and household products that test on animals

Medical products that test on animals

Contributing to the supply chain of companion animals (adopt don't shop)

Nothing tastes as good as compassion feels!

What is a vegan?

Most vegans are committed to the protection and welfare of our animal kin in dietary choices, clothing and apparel, entertainment, cosmetic, product, and medical research, and other industries. Some people identify as plant-based rather than vegan because they are often motivated by health benefits. Ethical vegans always read labels of food and clothing to ensure it is vegan and cruelty free.  While, yes, for many it is about compassion, most ethical vegans believe that humans have no moral rights to enslave, use, or commoditize animals and their products. Learn more here.

What is a fierce vegan?

A fierce vegan, like us, are vegans for spiritual and ethical reasons. We are committed to the practice of ahimsa; non-violence and the abstention of exploitation of all sentient beings. Animals are fellow kin on this planet and deserve liberation, respect, and compassion. We believe that to embody compassion for all will help bring peace to our troubled blue planet. And as fierce vegans, we aren't afraid to use our voices to defend the defenseless, to educate and inspire others, and to bring awareness to the rampant violence, cruelty, and torture, and the corporate corruption, inherent in the animal agriculture, entertainment, and textile industries.

Why an ethical vegan?

Animals feel. They feel fear and terror, connection and love, grief and loneliness. Just like humans. Farm animals, like domesticated ones, are sensitive beings with personalities and preferences. They want to live and enjoy life and freedom just like we do. We believe that no one has the right to take the life of an animal or her babies. We believe in compassion for the most vulnerable amongst us. And we believe we will never have peace in the world until we have realized the inherent value of animals and the natural world.

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