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Vegan Middle Eastern Pita Pockets

This is a delicious vegan meal that is quick, easy, inexpensive and delicious.

For this, there are two parts: the pocket and the sauce.

For the pocket you will need:

One package of No Evil Comrade Cluck

Vegan pita bread (always read ingredients)

Red onion (amount you prefer)

For the sauce you will need:

One cup of Kite Hill or another plain flavored vegan yogurt

Dill weed spice (about 3-4 tbsp per cup of yogurt)

Cucumber (about one per cup of yogurt)

Salt to taste.

Quick fry or air fryer the No Evil Cluck, then set aside.

Cut vegan pockets in half and set aside.

Chop red onion in long slices.

Shred cucumber and combine with dill, salt, and yogurt. Mix well.

Add cucumber, tabooli, and radishes as accoutrements.

Stuff your pita with the onion, cluck, and sauce and enjoy!

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